Food on Grill
All Year Around Menu
Inside or outback on the Ragin'Manatawny. The finest outside seating and the very first Cook Your Own. It's a dinner party!


Precooked and ready for the grill.
1/2 Dozen$5.50


Black Diamond

Marinaded in soy and ginger. From the original menu of 1989

Burgundy and Black Pepper Steak

Another 10 oz flat iron, this one marinaded in a smoky southwest sauce with a cajun rub


Big Ass

Boneless 16 oz New York strip. A heart attack on a plate.

Mix And Match

Your choice of any 2- sausage, shrimp, steak, golden tips, scallops-n-bacon or gator kabobs or a shroom or chicken breast.

A La Carte $9.25


Veggie Steamer

For the meatless or healthy people


Dozen Clams

Throw them on and they will pop open


Bourbon and Brown Suger Steak

10 oz flat iron steak marinaded in just that...and it's tasty


6 Oz. Center Cut (Tenderloin) Filet

with choice of sausage, shrimp, steak, golden tips, scallops-n-bacon or gator kabob or a shroom or a chicken breast.


Fully cooked and sauced. Just heat them up.

1/2 Rack Appetizer $11.25
Full Rack Dinner $27.00


Salmon 8oz

Perfect for a grill


Tuna Steak

Another good griller

All dinners get a huge garden salad with a baked potato that is good to go. Some french bread is fun to play with.
There are more sauces and seasonings on those barbys than your grandmothers cupboard.